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Article: Answers to Your Top 5 Hair Shear Questions

Answers to Your Top 5 Hair Shear Questions

Get to Know Blending and Thinning Shears

A Blending Shear is a kind of shear that removes weight in a manner that does not generate noticeable texture or volume. The teeth of a Blending Shear are thin, and the gaps between the teeth are similarly tiny. It is likely that the cut hair and the uncut hair will merge together. They typically contain anywhere from 30 to 45 teeth, however the exact number is dependent on the length of the blade. The Thinning Shear is an excellent tool for eliminating the appearance of scissor marks in the hair as well as decreasing weight without causing an increase in volume. Additionally, it may be used to smooth out and eliminate any harshness from a cut.

One of the most popular Saki Shears model of thinning shears is our Saki Kotaro line, which is available in 5.5 inch, 6.0 inch and 6.0 inch lefty. The smaller, 5.5 inch thinning shear has 27 teeth, while the larger model has 30 teeth. All of the Saki Kotaro thinning shears are made from premium Japanese 440C steel, resulting in a HRC rating of 60-61.

teeth on the thinning shears

Colored Shears Such as Pink Shears, Black Shears and Gold Shears

Titanium is used in the process of imparting one-of-a-kind hues into the steel surface of a pair of scissors. Because it is not located on the cutting edge of the shear, this coating does not have a beneficial effect on the shear's ability to retain its edge or its overall performance. This is done for purely aesthetic reasons, with the end goal of making the sheer seem more appealing. Remember that the titanium coating does not have an indefinite lifespan. The lifetime of the item will be significantly shortened if it is subjected to strong chemicals and does not get routine care and maintenance.

Saki Shears has a number of titanium coated shears such as the very popular Saki Katana, Saki Kohana and Saki Gold shear sets. We use a superior quality titanium to achieve, rich, beautiful color hair shears such as black, pink and gold. 

teeth on the saki kohana thinning shears for hair

What is the Difference Between a Hair Shears and a Hair Cutting Scissors?

The typical length of scissors, also known as salon shears, hair scissors, and hair cutters, is six inches "or less in duration.

Shears are often larger than scissors, which only have space for the thumb and one finger between their handles.

Shears are typically 6 inches long "or to a greater extent.

Shears are often bigger than scissors, with spaces that may accommodate many fingers in addition to the thumb.

Saki Shears carries both "hair shears" and "hair scissors". Our most popular hair shears are the Saki Ha line which is available in 5.5", 6.0" and 7.0" sets. 

Saki Shears Ha Set of Hair Shears

Popular set of hair shears

Should I Buy Swivel Shears? What is The Benefit?

Swivel Shears provide a greater degree of maneuverability. The ergonomic advantages are improved, helping to generate better comfort and control during usage, when the user is able to maintain the wrist straight and the elbow down in all cutting positions. The cutting motion may be performed with less strain because to the lowered position of the user's elbows and shoulders while using swivel shears. The utmost flexibility of movement for the thumb is made possible by double-swivel shears, which also reduces strain in the thumb and wrist. The double swivel enables you to cut in either a vertical or diagonal direction with far less strain.

The most popular model of swivel shears carried by Saki Shears is the Saki Sakura. We offer the Sakura swivel in a hair cutting scissors, thinning shears and a complete set. 

Swivel Hair Shears Saki Sakura

What is the Correct Way to Store Hair Shears?

It's possible that the performance of your scissors will be significantly affected by how you choose to keep them. The first thing you should do is properly clean your shears before putting them away for the day. They should be kept in a way that prevents them from coming into contact with one another; some possibilities for this include storing them in a container, placing them on top of a towel at your work station, or storing them in your Saki Shears leather case which comes with many of our premium sets. 

Leather Storage Case for Hair Shears

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