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Saki Shears has created the best collection of professional hair cutting and thinning shears in the the world. Our designs cater to the needs of master barbers and hairstylists who demand perfection. Professional hairdressers know the quality and design of their hair shears are a reflection of their uniqueness as an artist. They turn to Saki Shears for the lowest possible prices, free delivery, and flexible returns. Each set of Saki Shears is handcrafted using premium steels such as Japanese Damascus, Swedish Damascus, VG10 (Cobalt Steel) and 440C. These premium steels result in the hardest, sharpest hair scissors available.

All Saki Shears cutting and thinning shears are covered by the Saki Shears Lifetime Warranty as well as our Accidental Damage Warranty.

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Hair scissors and shears designed for professional hairdressers, hairstylist and barbers. The best hair shears are handmade from Japanese steel and include a lifetime warranty. Options include 5.5 inch, 6 inch, 7 inch and left handed cutting and thinning.

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Ha Hair Shears Set (Hair Cutting and Thinning Shears)

Hairdressers, Hairstylists and Master Barbers

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