What are Hair Thinning Scissors and How to Use Them

Hair thinning scissors aren’t just a useful tool for hairstylists, they’re an essential tool. The key to achieving the best results with hair thinning scissors is knowing when and how to use them properly. In this article, you will learn the basics of hair thinning scissors and some tips to help you use them like a pro.

What are Hair Thinning Scissors?

Thinning scissors differ from regular hair scissors because they have one regular blade and one blade with teeth. The teeth on the blade help to remove excess hair and blend layers in even sections much faster than regular scissors would. It’s important to note that thinning scissors shouldn’t be used to create any specific shape or cut hair. Instead, thinning scissors are used to help define and soften the shape of the hair.

How to Use Hair Thinning Scissors

As you learned above, hair thinning scissors are designed to complement the results created by regular hair-cutting scissors. After a professional hairstylist completes the shape and structure of the cut, it’s common for them to use thinning scissors to help soften it up. They can also be used to remove hair in bulk or blend layers.

How to hold hair thinning scissors:

  1. Put your ring finger through the smaller loop and your thumb in the larger loop
  2. Rest your pinky finger on the hook protruding from the smaller hole (known as the tang)
  3. Rest your middle and index fingers on the handle before the smaller loop
  4. Use only your thumb to open and close the scissors

Here’s how to use hair thinning scissors to blend layers:

  1. Once hair is cut and dried, hold the scissors in your dominant hand like you would regular hair scissors
  2. Locate the two sections of hair you wish to blend and hold with your fingers or a comb
  3. Starting at the middle point where the sections meet, open and close the scissors in one swift motion
  4. Repeat the process until the layers are blended

Here’s how to use hair thinning scissors to add texture and remove excess weight:

  1. Once hair is cut, comb it downwards to work out all knots and tangles
  2. Locate the sections of hair that need thinning or texture and use your fingers or a comb to hold
  3. Position the scissors an inch or two above where you’re holding your fingers or comb
  4. Open and close the blades with one swift motion gliding downwards, a movement similar to brushing your hair
  5. Repeat the process until the desired thickness or texture is achieved

It’s important to be careful when handling thinning scissors as using them too close to the scalp can result in cutting the hair so short that they stick out rather than lying flat. To avoid this, use the thinning scissors to cut starting at the mid-length of the hair. Remember, you only need to use hair thinning scissors when the client wants excess weight removed from their hair. Overdoing it with hair thinning scissors can create unwanted texture and weak, brittle hair.

Tips for Achieving the Best Results with Hair Thinning Scissors

  • Work out all the knots and tangles in the hair before going in with the thinning scissors
  • Thinning scissors work best on dry hair as it reduces the consistency and amount of hair that needs to be removed
  • Thinning curly hair is easier when it’s straightened. However, some curly hair shouldn’t be thinned out at all
  • Never use hair thinning scissors at the roots or tips. Start at least three inches away from the scalp
  • When thinning hair, hold the scissors at a 45-degree angle and make small cuts along the way
  • Make sure to comb out the excess hair and check your progress after every section
  • Avoid using thinning scissors on the face-framing sections of hair
  • Hair thinning scissors are great for thick hair, but they should never be used on fine hair as it will only worsen the problem

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