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Article: Best Hair Cutting Scissors and Shears

Best Hair Cutting Scissors and Shears

Finding the best set of hair cutting scissors is essential if you want to give your customers the best hair cut. Cheap hair shears will tug and pull and your clients hair, while the best hair shears cut through hair smoothly and easily. We have created a list of the best hair shears for you to compare the features that matter. Professional product reviews can help you to find the best shears and hair scissors for your cutting style and budget. 

Our recommended hair shears include some of our top-selling cutting scissors/shears and are the best value for the money. 

Best Hair Cutting Scissors and Hair Shears

Red 6 inch hair cutting shears
zero offset hair cutting shears saki odachi
7 inch hair cutting shears Japanese Steel
VG10 6 inch hair scissors saki Diamond
student hair cutting scissors saki Makoto
damascus hair cutting scissors saki kamakura
Saki Red Saki Odachi Zero-Offset Hair Shears Saki Precision Hair Shears Saki Diamond Hair Shears Saki Makoto Student Hair Shears Saki Kamakura Damascus Hair Shears
Steel Japan 440C Japan 440C ZA-18 High Cobalt Steel VG-10 Japan 440C Japanese Damascus
Size 6" 5.5" 6.7" 6" 5.5" 6.0"
Offset Handle Crane Style Zero-Offset
Finish Red Titanium Polished Steel Polished Steel Polished Steel Polished Steel Polished Steel
Designed For Professional Level Professional Level Master Level Master Level Students and Professional Master Level


The Best Red Hair Scissors - Saki Red

The Saki Red model from Saki Shears is a 6 inch hair scissors designed for professional use. The crane style handle design keeps the user's elbow and shoulder down while cutting. Crafted from Japanese 440C steel and coated with a durable red titanium finish. 

best red hair cutting scissors


The Best Short Hair Scissors - 5.5 Inch Saki Odachi

The Odachi model is razor-sharp and lightweight. Barbers trained in the Vidal Sassoon style will feel right-at-home using this zero-offset model. We use premium 440C Japanese steel to construct the Odachi model and polish it to a mirror finish. 

best zero offset hair shears

The Best Long Hair Shears - Saki Precision

Designed for master level cutters, the Saki Precision uses a super premium Japanese steel called ZA-18, resulting in a 61-63 HRC rating. The thumb tension adjustment allows for on-the-fly adjustments. 

best master level hair shears

The Best VG-10 Hair Shears - Saki Diamond Hair Scissors

Because VG-10 steel can be sharpened to a very fine point and maintain that point for a considerable amount of time, it is commonly referred to as "Super Steel." The Saki Diamond hair shears are perfectly balanced and the sword blade is razor sharp. This is a perfect shear for barbers who prefer a crane style handle. 

best vg10 steel hair shears


The Best Student Hair Shears - Saki Makoto

The Makoto Hair shear features an offset handle with removable thumb rest for superior comfort while the ergonomic design helps fight fatigue in the hand and wrist. The Makoto line is affordable for beginning barbers and stylists, however, it is a high-quality hair shear and used by professional hair professionals around the world. 

best student hair shear Saki Makoto

The Best Damascus Hair Cutting Shears - Saki Kamakura

The Saki Kamakura hair cutting shears are forged from a sophisticated layering process by the highest skilled metalsmiths. We use genuine Damascus Steel with 250 layers to produce one of the worlds finest hair shears. The Kamakura model is available in the 6 inch size for right handed cutting. 

best damascus hair scissors
Of course there are many opinions regarding who makes the best salon tools such as shears and scissors, however, everyone can agree that they should be razor sharp, ergonomic, hold their sharpness for a long time and be durable to stand up to the demands of the salon. 
When it comes to salon scissors, you definitely get what you pay for. The biggest reason for variations of price are related to the material from which they are constructed. There are a number of inferior types of steel that come from India and Pakistan that are fine for home use, however, they are much softer than the premium steels that come from Japan and they will not hold their edge sufficiently when used in a professional setting. 

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