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Save 25%Straight Razor Ebony WoodWood Straight Shaving Razor
Straight Razor Ebony Wood Sale price$94.45 Regular price$126.00
Saki Safety Shave RazorSaki Safety Shave Razor
Saki Safety Shave Razor Sale price$35.00
Save 25%Straight Razor Natural WoodStraight Razor Natural Wood
Straight Razor Natural Wood Sale price$94.45 Regular price$126.00


Navigating the refined world of shaving? Saki Shears showcases an array of superior razors, embodying both tradition and modern craftsmanship. Delve into the precision of straight edge razors and cut throat razors, preferred by purists for that unparalleled close shave. For those inclined towards safety without compromising on a close shave, our safety razors stand as testament to impeccable engineering. Professionals in search of reliable and high-caliber barber razors will find products in this collection that match their exacting standards. Join the ranks of those who appreciate the art of shaving with tools crafted for perfection.