The most popular scissors for hair stylists and hairdressers have a short blade. The best selling scissors size is between 5.5 inches and 6 inches. Shop for pink, gold, black, red and Japanese steel hairdresser scissors, thinning shears and scissors sets.
Hairstylist and Hairdresser Scissors

Short Hair Scissors for Hairdressers

Hairstylist Scissors

Hairstylists typically choose 5.5 to 6 inch scissors; preferring a shorter blade, which is a good fit for more than 80% of hair cuts. Lightweight scissors is another common feature requested by hairstylists.

We have recommended our most popular hairdresser scissors and sets with shorter blades and ergonomic design.

In addition to performance, beautiful design is essential; many Saki Shears are available in popular colors such as gold, pink, red and black.

Pink Hairstylist Shears

Top Selling Hairstylist Scissors Set

Kohana Pink Hair Shears Set (Hair Cutting and Thinning Shears)

Hair Salon Thinning Shears

Thinning Scissors and Shears

Thinning and texturizing shears are essential for creating beautiful hair styles. In the hands of an expert hair stylist, they will soften the haircut, remove unwanted bulk and blend out the cut.

Texturizing and Thinning Hair Shears

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