Introducing the All New Saki Kanzen Hair Shears Crafted From Damascus Steel

Just released; Saki Kanzen Damascus hair scissors are now available on our Amazon store and

The Saki Kanzen Damascus hair cutting shears are an attractive cutting shear made from lovely Damascus steel. Quality is crucial in all of our designs, but creativity shouldn't be disregarded. Your creativity and sense of style will be highlighted by the Saki Kanzen. Every scissors is one-of-a-kind; made possible because of the layering of the Damascus Steel. 

Saki Kanzen is currently available in a right-handed cutting shear. We offer a 6.0 inch model. The Kanzen features a Japanese style, convex blade with a hardness of 61-62. 


Beautiful Damascus Steel Cutting Blades

Saki Shears Damascus Steel Cutting Blades


Saki Kanzen Thumb Adjustment for Tension 

Easy Thumb Adjustment on the Saki Kanzen Hair Scissors


Sword Blade on the Kanzen Hair Scissors

Sword Blade of the Saki Kanzen Damascus Scissors

The Premium Damascus Steel used to create Kanzen Damascus Shears are applied by hand. With the ideal feel and blades for each sort of hair cutting application, this improved form of steel offers increased sliding cutting and blunt cutting. In addition to these physical advantages, the higher resilience & strength of Damascus Steel means that your Saki Damascus Steel Shears will maintain their sharpness longer than any of your other premium steel professional hair scissors.

Finger Holes on the Hair Scissors

Finger Holes in the Hair Scissors

The Saki Kanzen launched in November, 2022. We strive to make our barber and hairdresser products affordable for everyone. Please use discount code: SAKINEW10 on your purchase to receive a 10% discount. 

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