New Scissors and Shears for 2022 from Saki Shears

Saki Shears is constantly innovating. 2022 was a big year for Saki Shears; having launched 20+ new lines of hair cutting and thinning shears for barbers and hairstylists. We introduced new collections, making it easier to identify the right set of shears for your skill level and budget; 1) Apprentice Collection, 2) Professional Collection, 3) Master Collection, 4) Damascus Collection. We realize that not everyone can afford a $700 Japanese Damascus set of shears, but everyone deserves a quality set of shears, which allows them to give amazing hair cuts.

Previously, Saki Shears had limited options for customers who wanted a premium hair cutting scissors or shear, but did not want to buy a complete set. Prior to 2022, most Saki Shears were only available as sets; forcing customers into buying a thinning shear and swivel razor, when all they really wanted was a cutting scissors or shear. We heard from lots of customers who loved our Saki Kohana, Katana or Makoto lines, but didn't want to spend $250+ on the complete set. All of these lines are now available for purchase individually. In addition, to our legacy lines, we have added so many new styles, colors, sizes, types of steel and beautiful designs. 


New for 2022: Apprentice Collection Hair Scissors & Shears

  • Saki Chīsai Hair Scissors
    • 5.5 Inches
    • Japan 440C Steel
Small Hair Scissors Saki Chīsai

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  • Natsukashii Rose Gold Hair Cutting Scissors
    • 5.5 Inches
    • Convex Blade
    • HRC 59-60
    • Rose Gold Titanium Finish

Gold Rose Hair Scissors Saki Natsukashii

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  • Ikigai Rose Gold Hair Scissors
    • 6 Inches
    • Convex Blade
    • HRC 59-60
    • Rose Gold Titanium Finish

Rose Gold Small Hair Scissors Saki Ikigai


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New for 2022: Professional Collection Hair Scissors & Shears

The Professional Collection is tailored to the needs of professional barbers and hairstylists; looking for a premium set of hair scissors or shears, crafted from high-grade Japanese steel. The collection includes scissors as small as 5.5 inches as well as longer blade hair shears in the 6.0 to 7.0 inch range. 


  • Saki 7 Hair Cutting Shears
    • 7 Inches
    • Japanese 440C Steel
    • Convex Blade
    • HRC 61-62
    • Bonus: Includes Hand carved all-natural bison horn comb

Long Hair Cutting Shears - 7"


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  • Tsuru Hair Cutting Shears
    • Available in Polished Steel or Rose Gold Titanium
    • Unique Wing Design of the Finger Holes
    • Easy Thumb Adjustment for Tension
    • 6 Inches
    • Japanese 440C Steel
    • Ergonomic Offset Handle Design

6 Inch Hair Scissors - Saki Tsuru Japanese Steel

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  • Saki Red Hair Cutting Shears
    • Beautiful Bright Red Titanium Finish
    • Crane Handle Design
    • Japan 440C Steel
    • 6 Inches

Red Hair Scissors


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  • Saki Tanto Barber Shears
    • Longer Length, 6.5" Hair Shears
    • Great for Barbers
    • Wider Blades Suitable for Cutting Wet or Dry Hair
Long Barber Shears Saki Tanto

  • Saki Odachi Hairstylist Scissors
    • Shorter Length, 5.5" Hair Scissors
    • Great for Hairdressers and Stylists
    • Straight Handles
    • Zero-Offset Configuration
    • Light-Weight

Light weight hair scissors saki odachi


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New for 2022: Master Collection Hair Scissors & Shears

The Master Collection uses super premium steel such as VG-10 and ZA-18 to create a super sharp set of hair shears that will hold a razor sharp edge, even in the hands of the busiest barbers and stylists. The Master Collection includes shears ranging in size from 6.0 inches to 7.0 inches. 

  • Grand Master Hair Shears
    • VG-10 Super Premium Japanese Steel
    • 6.0" Hair Shears
    • Handmade
    • Japanese Style Convex Blade
    • Great for Barbers, Hairdressers and Stylists

6 Inch Sharp Hair Shears - Saki Grand Master Cutting


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  • Saki Diamond Hair Shears
    • VG-10 Steel Sharpened to a Razor Sharp Edge
    • 6.0" Size Perfect for Barbers and Hairstylists
    • Crane Handle Design
    • Japanese Style Convex Blade

Saki Diamond Hair Shears - 6 inch - Super Steel


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  • Saki Precision Barber Shears
    • ZA-18 Super Premium Steel Sharpened to a Razor Sharp Edge
    • 6.7" Size Perfect for Barbers
    • 61-63 HRC
    • Handmade

Long barber shears Saki Precision


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  • Saki Blossom Hairstylist Scissors
    • Japanese VG-10 Super Steel
    • Beautiful Blossom Design Throughout the Scissors
    • Easy Tension Adjustment With the Thumb Screw
    • 6.0 Inches

Beautiful Designed Hair Scissors Saki Blossom


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New for 2022: Damascus Collection Hair Scissors & Shears

The Damascus Collection is totally new for 2022. In a league of their own, Damascus hair scissors are for the master level hair cutter who appreciates the beauty and art of their shears. Damascus hair shears are a statement and represent your uniqueness as an artist. 

The Saki Shears Damascus Collection includes four shears; Saki Kanzen, Saki Kodachi, Saki Dotanuki and Saki Kamakura. We currently offer Damascus hair shears in 5.5 and 6 inches. At the moment, we do not offer anything for our left handed barbers or stylists; however, if you are willing to wait 60 days for your order, we can custom craft a set of left handed shears; just for you. 

  • Saki Kanzen Damascus Collection
    • Material: Damascus Stainless Steel 
    • Blade: Japanese Style Convex Blade with a Hardness of 61-62 HRC
    • Design: Layered Damascus Steel Ensures That Every Hair Shear is Unique
    • Easy Tension Adjustment With the Thumb Screw
    • 6.0 Inches
Damascus Steel hair Scissors
  • Saki Kodachi Damascus Hair Shears
    • Material: Damascus Stainless Steel
    • Design: 160 Layers of Damascus Steel Ensures Every Scissors is One-of-a-Kind.
    • Blade: Japanese Style Convex Edge, Sword Style Razor Sharp Blade
    • Size: 5.5 or 6.0 Inches

Saki Shears Kodachi Damascus Hair Scissors/Shears


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  • Saki Dotanuki Damascus Hair Shears
    • Material: Damascus Stainless Steel
    • Design: 34 Layers of Damascus Steel
    • Blade: Japanese Style Convex Edge, Sword Style Razor Sharp Blade
    • Handle: Offset
    • Size: 5.5 or 6.0 Inches

Saki Dotanuki Damascus Hair Scissors

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  • Saki Kamakura Damascus Hair Shears
    • Material: Damascus Stainless Steel
    • Design: 250 Layers of Damascus Steel
    • Blade: Japanese Style Convex Edge, Razor Sharp Blade
    • 62-63 HRC
    • Handle: Offset
    • Size: 6.0 Inches


Saki Kamakura Damascus Hair Shears Scissors



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We are excited to be offering so many new Saki Shears models in 2022. Keep a look out for our new offerings coming soon in 2023.

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