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Article: 3 of the Most Important Tools for Cutting Hair

3 of the Most Important Tools for Cutting Hair

The days of achieving the perfect look with just a set of hair scissors or electric clippers are gone. There was a time when men just wanted a buzzcut or a crewcut. Men’s level of sophistication and interest in their hair has evolved and because of this; the number of tools needed by a barber or men’s stylist have increased. The toolkit of the stylist must include the necessary tools to shave, trim, thin and sculpt the hair.

For this reason, we're presenting the three men's hairstyling equipment that we think are essential for stylists to own.

1) An Expert Men's Razor

    For trimming men's hairstyles, a razor that is sharp is essential since it will enable you to accurately shave fine lines and detail haircuts. A must-have item is Saki Shears Straight Razor, available in natural wood or ebony and adorned with brass accents. Saki Straight Razor has a robust shank sleeve that wraps around the razor blade, securing it in place and preventing it from moving.

    Men's Razor

    2) Barber Cutting Shears Designed for Men

    The Saki 7 Hair Cutting Shears in polished stainless steel are the ideal professional hair shears for making barbering tasks easier. These high-end barber shears were created with barbering in mind and are a part of Saki Shears next-generation line of ergonomic hairdressing products. Handcrafted from premium grade Japanese 440C steel.

    A comfortable offset handle that is lightweight and razor-sharp. If you use the scissors all day, the ergonomic handle is also made to lessen stress on your hand and wrist.

    You'll be astounded at how much faster these 7-inch shears cut compared to a conventional 6-inch scissors. They are ideal for men’s hair styles. The large blades of these shears are especially made for barbering men's hair using methods like scissor over the comb.

    Men's hair shears 7 inch


    Buy Men's Saki 7 Hair Shears


    3) Men's Thinning and Texturizing Scissors

    Men's haircuts are increasingly embracing the texture hair trend. You'll see that more and more people are now requesting texture-filled haircuts rather as short hairstyles or angular crewcuts. This is so that texturized hair may give fine hair more structure and volume. For thick hair, this skillful approach can help minimize body. Typically, shaving your hair will give it structure. However, you may also use texturizing scissors or hair thinning scissors if you don't feel comfortable using a razor. To add layers to the hair effortlessly and without the hassle of razors, thinning shears are specifically made to thin and texturize hair.

    Saki Shears carries a large selection of men's thinning and texturizing shears. A favorite among men's barbers in the Tachi Thinning Shear.

    Men's Thinning Shears - Saki Tachi

    Men's Hair Thinning Shears Saki Tachi


    Men's Hair Thinning Shears - Saki Katana

    Men's Hair Thinning Scissors - Saki Katana


    Recommended Hair Thinning Shears for Men

    Our male customers really love the Saki Tachi Barber Thinning Shears featuring the skull key. The Tachi is made from Japanese 440C and 

    Buy Saki Tachi Thinning Shears

    Another favorite for men's master level barbers is the Kodachi Damascus Thinning Shears which are sold in 5.5 and 6 inches. The Kodachi model has 160 layers of steel, twisted to create the unique Damascus pattern. The 5.5 inch thinning shears have 30 teeth, while the 6 inch thinning shears have 35 teeth. 

    Men's Thinning Shears - Saki Kodachi

    Buy the Kodachi Thinning Shears


    Summary of the Top 3 Men's Hair Cutting Tools

    We appreciate you visiting and reading our article about the best men's hair cutting equipment. We hope that they will enable you to accomplish your desired men's hairstyles and more. Saki Shears provides everything you need, whether you need a good pair of shears, a men's barber razor, or even a set of thinning shears for your men's cuts.


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