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Type of Shears
Type of Steel
Type of Shears
Type of Steel
Save 16%Grand Master Hair ShearsGrand Master Hair Shears
Grand Master Hair Shears Sale price$369.00 Regular price$438.00
Save 22%Katana Japanese Hair Cutting Shears/ScissorsKatana Japanese Hair Cutting Shears/Scissors
Katana Japanese Hair Cutting Shears/Scissors Sale price$315.00 Regular price$402.00
Kotaro Hairdressing Shears/ScissorsKotaro Hairdressing Shears/Scissors
Save 16%Gold Hair Cutting Shears/ScissorsGold Hair Cutting Shears/Scissors
Gold Hair Cutting Shears/Scissors Sale price$369.00 Regular price$439.00
Save 40%Kodachi Damascus Hair Shears/ScissorsKodachi Damascus Hair Shears/Scissors
Kodachi Damascus Hair Shears/Scissors Sale price$631.00 Regular price$1,054.00
Save 24%Dotanuki Damascus Hair Cutting Shears/ScissorsDotanuki Damascus Hair Cutting Shears/Scissors
Dotanuki Damascus Hair Cutting Shears/Scissors Sale price$509.00 Regular price$667.00
Tsuru Hair Shears/Scissors (Gold or Steel)Tsuru Hair Shears/Scissors (Gold or Steel)
Saki Red Hair Cutting ShearsSaki Red Hair Cutting Shears
Save 20%Saki Shears Diamond Hair ShearsSaki Shears Diamond Hair Shears
Saki Shears Diamond Hair Shears Sale price$334.00 Regular price$420.00
Save 38%Kamakura Damascus Professional Hair Cutting Shears/ScissorsKamakura Damascus Professional Hair Cutting Shears/Scissors
Ikigai Rose Gold Hair Cutting Shears/ScissorsIkigai Rose Gold Hair Cutting Shears/Scissors
Engraved Sword Style Hair Cutting Shears/Scissors (Fall)Engraved Sword Style Hair Cutting Shears/Scissors (Fall)
Save 17%Saki Sora VG-10 Teal Hair ShearsSaki Sora VG-10 Teal Hair Shears
Saki Sora VG-10 Teal Hair Shears Sale price$422.00 Regular price$508.00
scissors and shears for hair cutting

Hair Cutting Shears

Our hair cutting shears and scissors at Saki Shears are a testament to quality and precision, designed exclusively for professional stylists who demand the best. We understand the importance of a reliable and sharp pair of scissors in your daily work, which is why we only use premium steel in our products, including Japan 440C, VG-10, ATS-314, and Damascus. These high-grade materials ensure exceptional durability, long-lasting sharpness, and unmatched cutting performance, essential for precise and effortless hair cutting.