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Article: What Kind of Hair Shears Should I Get and What Length Should They Be?

What Kind of Hair Shears Should I Get and What Length Should They Be?

The length of your shears is an extremely important aspect to take into consideration because there are many different cutting techniques that require shears of different lengths. It is not an easy undertaking to select the ideal set of hairdressing shears for your needs. There are many various facets that require our attention in this situation. In the order of importance, the brand comes first (Saki Shears of course!), followed by the handle, then the blades, then the color, and so on. The length of our professional shears is something that we frequently fail to take into consideration. 

Scissors with a size that is easier to handle (Small)

A blade length that ranges from 4.5 to 5.5 inches is typically considered to be indicative of a pair of shears being classified as small. It is likely that shears with a measurement of 4.5 inches will appear to be on the smaller side when held in your hands; also, this size is not suitable for everyone. It is recommended that, when cutting minute details, you make use of scissors that have a blade that is on the smaller side. If you spend a large amount of your day performing short pixie cuts or very detailed texture cuts, complementing your kit with a pair of small shears might be the ideal option for you. This is especially true if you spend a significant portion of your day making short bob cuts. You will most likely endure agony, and the process will take an interminable amount of time, if you use shears of a smaller size for blunt cutting and other straight line cutting. If, on the other hand, you want to give texture to a blunt cut as well as point cutting, you should probably get out some of your smaller shears. When it comes to more intricate cutting techniques, you will probably find that the majority of hairdressers prefer to work with a pair of scissors that are on the shorter side. This is something that you will probably notice as well.

Medium (Normal) Sized Hair Shears

When you talk about normal hair cutting scissors, what exactly do you mean by that phrase? In accordance with the norms that we follow, the standard length of a pair of scissors is somewhere between 5.5 and 6 inches. A pair of hairdressing scissors in a standard size is the typical pair of scissors used in everyday life. These general-purpose shears are adaptable enough to be used for virtually any method of cutting hair, making them an extremely useful tool. These scissors are the very first implement you reach for whenever you begin a cutting project. You might find that standard shears feel the most natural in your hands and are the most versatile, as they can be used for anything from cutting hair to creating sliding cuts. This is because standard shears can be used for both cutting hair and producing sliding cuts. These are professional hairdressing scissors, so you're going to want to keep them within easy reach for a good while.

Medium Sized Hair Scissors 6"

Normal-sized shears typically come equipped with multiple unique cutting edges across their various blades. It's probable that the cutting edge of the shears you use on a regular basis is semi-convex, which is an excellent shape for cutting hair of almost any type. Convex edges, which can be found on some shears, make it easier to perform more complicated cutting techniques including slide cutting, slice cutting, and even deep point cutting. These techniques are all possible because of the shears' ability to be fitted with convex edges. Although convex edge blades are wonderful for these particular processes, we do not advocate that you use them in your day-to-day life because of the potential dangers involved. If it is not used correctly, the exceptionally sharp edge has the potential to get dull very quickly.

It is extremely important not to forget that the majority of texturing shears will have a regular length. Texturizing shears and thinning shears are normally kept at a length that is somewhere between 5.5 and 6 inches. This is the standard length for both types of shears. When they are cut to a regular length, not only does this make them easier to use, but it also helps to ensure that insufficient amounts of hair are removed. Texturizing shears, which normally have between 5 and 14 teeth, are an ideal choice for generating chunky textures due to their wide range of teeth. Even though they are less efficient at removing hair, your thinning shears will have anywhere from 25 to 40 teeth; yet, they are excellent at reducing bulk. This ought to be one of the tools that are included in the kit of any and all hairdressers and barbers at the absolute least.

Longer shears or barber shears are available

The common name for scissors that are substantially longer than standard length is barber shears. Lengthwise, they range anywhere between 6 and 7 inches in measurement. It is considerably simpler to cut larger chunks of hair with these shears than it would be with shorter blades due to the longer length of the blades. It is common knowledge that longer shears have the potential to make the scissor over comb motion considerably more rapid and less difficult. Since scissors over comb is one of the most common barbering techniques, it is absolutely required to have a larger pair of shears that can make this cut both quicker and more effective. This is because scissors over comb is one of the most used barbering procedures. These long scissors, also known as barber shears, often feature one edge that is serrated and the other side that is beveled very slightly. This unique blade is effective in grabbing the hair and keeping it from falling off the blades of the scissors when using scissors instead of a comb to style the hair. This technique is called "scissor over comb." When cutting short hair on women, such as a pixie cut or bob, the technique of using scissors instead of a comb is often preferred. This is known as the scissor over comb method. If you want to give yourself a pixie cut, it might be helpful for you to select scissors that have longer blades than those that are often found in such products.

Longer scissors are not just for barbers! It is also feasible to find longer blades that are sharper and have an edge that is only slightly convex in today's market. These blades are appropriate for use in the standard procedures that are involved in the process of cutting hair. When cutting in a straight line, long shears are an extremely handy tool ( think a chic bob cut ). It may take some time to become used to cutting hair using long hair cutting shears, but once you do, you may find that it results in more exact lines and faster cuts overall. This may be because it takes some time to get used to the length of the shears.

Which pair of hairdressing scissors do you believe would be the most effective for you to use?

In this regard, the most significant consideration to take into account is the individual preferences of each person. There was a time when people believed that the length of your shear blade should be equal to the distance that would be measured if you started at the tip of your middle finger and went all the way down to the palm of your hand. 

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