Are You a Barber or a Stylist? What is the Difference You Ask?

We have found that most customers don't understand that there is a difference between barbers and stylists. We're here to set the record straight. The next time you need a hair cut, you'll know where to go for the best haircut.

Even though the business you visit may name itself a "barber shop," the majority of the time they use stylists rather than professional barbers. Customers frequently enter a hair salon with the intention of requesting a specific haircut, only to be informed that the establishment is not prepared to do the requested cut. They may not even give you a strange look and not know what you're talking about. Have you ever been in this situation? In most cases, this is due to the fact that the individual who is cutting your hair is a stylist rather than a barber. Most men would benefit from getting their haircut done at a proper barber shop by an experience barber who only cuts men's hair. 

Getting a haircut at the barbershop

This prompts the question, "What exactly differentiates a barber from a stylist?" The primary distinction between barbers and salon stylists is that barbers are often educated to cut shorter hairstyles for men, whilst salon stylists are taught to cut longer, fuller styles for men. While a stylist's primary concentration is on women's hair, barbers specialize in cutting men's hair and are authorized to use straight razors on their clients, whereas stylists are not. As a consequence of this, barbers are able to use the razor to do head shaves, face shaves, and beard trims using razor line-ups.

Because barbers are taught to cut shorter hairstyles for men, they typically concentrate more on the finer points of a cut than stylists do. Barbers are also expected to charge more than stylists do. When it comes to getting the right trim for a short haircut, more attention to detail is required. For instance, in order to achieve the ideal transition from shorter to longer hair lengths, a bald fade calls for an attention to detail that is exceedingly accurate.

Types of Shears Used by Barbers

Barbers often times prefer to use hair shears between 6.5" and 7.0". Saki Shears has a number of best sellers including the new Saki Precision cutting shear which measures 6.7". The Precision is crafted from a unique, high-carbon Japanese steel called ZA-18. 

Barbers who are looking to purchase a set of shears prefer the 7.0 inch Saki Ha, which measures 7.0 inches and includes a 7.0 inch hair scissors, 7.0 inch thinning shear and a swivel razor. 

Barbers are also more concerned with making sure that their customers have a pleasant and stress-free time when they are in the shop getting their hair cut. For example, barbers typically use hot towels for their shaves and razor line-ups, which enables the customer to relax while being covered in the heat and steam of the hot towel during the service.

barber using an electric razor

It is hoped that this provides a helpful response to the topic of why men should pick a barber shop rather than a stylist. When it comes to things like longer hair, different hair colors, and layering, stylists are experts in their own right. However, it is important to acknowledge that the majority of men with short hair like the expertise of a barber, the usage of a razor, and the whole calming experience that comes along with being in a barber shop.

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“I love the interaction with the people sitting in my chair. And I love the little twinkle in their eye that said, “Wow, I feel really good! I look great!” That was–and still is–quite powerful to me. It’s an instant gratification! It doesn’t matter how badly their day has gone, in that moment they feel amazing. And the hairdresser has made them feel that way.”

Tabatha Coffey