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Thinning Shears and Hair Thinning Scissors

Thinning shears, also known as thinning scissors, are a specialized type of hair cutting tool that are designed to thin out and texturize the hair. They have teeth or serrations along one or both blades, which allow them to remove excess bulk from the hair while maintaining the same length. Thinning shears are a great tool to have in your hair cutting arsenal, as they can help you create a variety of different looks and styles, from natural and beachy to sleek and sophisticated.

To use thinning shears, follow these steps:

  1. Section off the hair: Divide the hair into small sections that are easy to work with. This will make it easier to thin out the hair evenly.

  2. Comb the hair: Use a fine-toothed comb to smooth out any tangles and knots in the section of hair you are working on.

  3. Position the thinning shears: Hold the thinning shears with the serrated edge facing downward, towards the ends of the hair. Position the shears about an inch or two away from the ends of the hair.

  4. Cut the hair: Gently squeeze the thinning shears together and make small snips through the hair, moving the shears through the hair in a sawing motion. Avoid making large cuts, as this can create an uneven or choppy look.

  5. Comb the hair again: After you have thinned out the section of hair, use the comb to smooth out any tangles or knots that may have been created by the thinning shears.

  6. Repeat the process: Repeat these steps on each section of hair until you have thinned out the desired amount. Remember to take your time and make small, controlled cuts to achieve the best results.

Some tips for using thinning shears:

  • Use thinning shears on dry hair: It is easier to see the results of your cutting when the hair is dry, so make sure to use thinning shears on dry hair.

  • Be careful not to over-thin: It is easy to remove too much bulk from the hair with thinning shears, so be careful not to go overboard. If you are unsure, start with small cuts and work your way up to larger ones.

  • Experiment with different cutting techniques: Thinning shears can be used to create a variety of different looks, so don't be afraid to experiment with different cutting techniques to see what works best for you.

  • Use thinning shears in combination with other cutting tools: Thinning shears are a great tool to use in combination with regular hair cutting scissors to create a more natural and textured look.

With practice and patience, thinning shears can be a powerful tool for creating a wide range of looks and styles. Whether you are a professional stylist or just looking to touch up your own hair at home, thinning shears are a must-have for any hair cutting kit.